Useful and Cool Links

Here are a handful of links I find interesting. I will update this from time to time as more things come along.

SANS Blogs: Lots of useful reading material for those wanting to keep up with the industry: SANS Blogs.

The Cyber Plumber's Handbook: Great book by my awesome colleague Brennon Thomas: Cyber Plumber's Handbook. He also offers labs for those who want to dive deeper into SSH tunnels: Cyber Plumber's Handbook labs. I learned a lot reading and following this book and still refer to the book pretty regularly.

SANS Reading Room: Always great papers from the SANS Institute: SANs Reading Room.

HacktheBox: I've been hanging out here lately when I can. School and work take up most of my life right now, but it's always fun to unwind with some of these challenges: HackTheBox

People to follow on Twitter

Jerry Bell: Jerry Bell, known as @maliciouslink on twitter is one of the coolest, most down-to-earth people you'll meet in infosec. He's worth following:

SciaticNerd: BSidesSATX